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Why Buy From Millesima?

Personalized advice

The Millesima sales Team tastes every wine during the en primeur campaign, and several samples more than once. They are delighted to assist each customer in their orders depending on their tastes, requirements and budget.

If you are considering buying En primeur wine, it’s important to choose a reputable wine merchant. Indeed, you may have heard stories of merchants who have filed for bankruptcy, stored wine in poor conditions, or engaged in wine fraud. To dramatically lower that risk, look for an established wine merchant who has been in the wine trade for years, is financially solvent, and will store your wine properly.

Millesima’s Guarantees:

Millesima’s Guarantees:

Millesima is one of the 400 licensed wine merchants who participate on the “Place de Bordeaux” and one of the 5 biggest buyers of en primeur wines (70,000 cases or 840,000 bottles). All of the en primeur wines that Millesima offers are sourced directly from the producing estate in the original packaging. We only sell wines that we have purchased directly from the estate, and do not purchase any wine from any private customers or auction houses. Therefore the wines only know two cellars: our own, and that of the producing estate

Millesima Customer’s Benefits:

  • All of the en primeur wines offered by Millesima are sourced exclusively and directly from the producing estates in the original cases.

  • Exclusive selection of over 12,000 unique and large formats from half-bottle to Melchior (18L).

  • We serve more than 150,000 customers from over 120 countries.

  • Our catalogue includes 2.5M bottles of provenance-guaranteed wines that are aging slowly in our cellars in Bordeaux.